Since the beginning of time, every child’s dream has been to discover mysteries and go on an adventure… a REAL one!! Finally, we have found the biggest secret of all time, and we want to share it with the world and give every person the chance to live a lifetime experience!

It all began when two friends uncovered a legend buried deep in the earth... It was the legend of the “circle”, a mystery circle almost everyone worldwide heard about but couldn’t discover yet… It is famous that people have talked about it for so many years, since the dawn of humanity… A common legend told from generation to generation, so obvious but dispersed that we lost track of its existence!

And here we are after several forgotten years; this classified mystery is resurging again, rumbling the hearts of the adventure-thirsty men calling it all around the globe...


  • NFT sale launched to the public. 10 to 20% of the sale will be dedicated to the team that worked to build this masterpiece.

  • Two weeks after the sale, the digital phase of the adventure will start. The raiders will receive their riddles to be solved. This phase will continue until we have 50% of the holders qualified.

  • The physical hunt will begin. The raiders will invade the world searching for scattered mysteries.

  • The qualified raiders from the scattered hunt will be invited to the grand regional treasure hunt. Estimated expenses in the country will be covered for all participants.

  • The competition will reach its peak as the top 100 raiders will benefit from this round and will be heavily rewarded.

  • Mystery unlocked… A chest is opened, a shining fortune is made and the journey ends??



Classified Store for holders only.

Treasure Hunt

All holders will start the journey of the treasure hunt, but not all of them can reach the final phases.

Passive Earning

Holders will earn rewards for holding their NFT.


Holders will get rewards after solving riddles across the globe before moving to the main country of the final hunt.


The estimated expenses during the stay in the country of the final treasure hunt will be covered


Many more benefits will be added to the project.


The minting date and website will be published soon. We will post the details ahead of time on our Discord server and Twitter account. The whitelist will be reserved for early adopters and the fan base community. After the mint is over, there will be an option to trade on secondary market platforms.

You can get whitelisted by inviting new members into our discord server or by staying active and helping others inside our community, we will be adding further details.